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Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Fun Night and Chocolate Cobbler

After a wonderful, but tiring, week of end of the year celebrations
like this-my sweet Zach getting his smartie-pants awards.
Not to mention Field Days x 3, and the end of the year celebrations at church. And...my last day of work!!! Yea! We all decided a stay-at-home family night was in order.
Being the homebody i am this is my favorite kind of night. I get my family all at home, at one time, and we get to play games, eat and hang out...all in the comfort of lounge clothes. I feel like we are getting less and less of these, so it makes me want to make them special.
My plan is to try and make them something for dinner that is so good they will want to not ever leave home cherish these times.
I decided to make Chocolate Cobbler!

I like to make this for them because it makes them smile like this

and this

and like this

and they all make happy plates

and that makes me feel like I have succeeded in life.
After their belly's are nice and full the boys played a friendly little game of chess.

Well, mostly friendly.

Then we all watched a movie together.
Then I heard this-

and went to bed a happy woman.

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